E-mail us the details on your event in the area - big or small
APRIL 2004
  • April 16-18 2nd Annual "Wake the Dragon"   An expected 60+ S2000's will enjoy the weekend on the Dragon and area roadways!  For more information, contact Raul Alvarez or CLICK HERE
  • April 23-25 Busa Bash at the Dragon Quite a few Busa and non-Busa riders CLICK HERE
  • April 23-24 BMW R1150R "Beakster Bash" Contact 'Yukon' for details at wfw@citznet.com
  • April 24-May 2 HomelandSportbikes.com returns to the Dragon CLICK HERE
  • April 30-May 2 The Mini-Coopers Return Contact April Whine at AprilWhine@hotmail.com for more info.
MAY 2004
  • May 7-9 Delphi New Triumph Bonneville Forum will host their NTBF Rally at the Gap. CLICK HERE and click on Events.
  • May 10-16, 2004 The Christian Sport Bike Association returns for it's 4th Annual Deals Gap Rally CLICK HERE
  • May 13-14 H.O.G Freedom Chapter at Deals Gap - . We can be contacted at our website CLICK HERE
  • May 14-16 R6Messagenet.com 2004 Ride at Deals Gap - for info CLICK HERE
  • May 14-17 First Annual ZX6R Dragon Run for more information E-mail Cyberdos
  • May 15-16, Annual Kawasaki Triples Worldwide Deal's Gap Meet
  • May 16-22. ZX-12R and Zx-10R Riders. CLICK HERE for more information.
  • May 20-24, ZDayZ at Tail of the Dragon 2004 Fontana Village Resort, Fontana, NC. devoted to Nissan Z-Car enthusiasts! Activities to include drives, car show, and possibly vendors. Sport Z Magazine will there to provide magazine coverage for the show! Inquiries about the event should be sent to Andy Morris at mcduck@earthlink.net or Morris Morgan at mlmorgan5@adelphia.net
  • May 23-30 Kawasaki's ZX-12R Owner's Club will rally at the Dragon!! We were there last year for the
    first time and loved it, though are group was small. This year we should have 40 or more!!! CLICK HERE for more info.
  • May 28-31 Suzuki RF RIDER'S for more information contact suzuki-rf@yahoogroups.com or Suzukirfclub@yahoogroups.com or Gary or Jeff
  • May 29-31 Volusia Owners League from Elizabethtown, KY  
JUNE 2004
  • June 4-6, 1st Annual National SV Rally at the Tail of the Dragon held by SVRider.com For more info CLICK HERE
  • June 11-13 FZ10A Board Members are planning their second annual Gap trip. For more CLICK HERE
  • June 9-13 Yamaha R1 Forum annual East Coast Convention at Deals Gap. For more CLICK HERE 
  • June 12 The Cherohala Challenge hosted by the Smoky Mountain Wheelmen. This bicycle ride is a 115-mile course that is sure to challenge everyone! With over 9,000 feet of climbing, this ride ascends over the famous Tail of the Dragon and continues over the gorgeous Cherohala Skyway.The ride leaves Tellico Plains High School at 8:00 am sharp.  The majority of the riders with be over the Dragon by 11:00-11:30am.
  • June 12-20 The Spirit World Returns - Some 50-70 riders making the trip this year. CLICK HERE
  • June 14-16 VFR ReVolt - Iron Horse Resort. CLICK HERE for more
  • June 16-20 DCSportbikes.COM will attack the dragon for the first time. For more info CLICK HERE
  • June 21-27 Eastern Magna Rider's Rally will be at the Andrews Valley Inn, Andrews NC. For more info contact DANIEL
  • June 23-26 Honda Hoot 2004 Knoxville, TN This is the big one .... some 25,000 riders in the area.
  • June 23-27 SVT Cobra Mustang Club’s 5th Anniversary in Pigeon Forge with Dragon runs on the 23-25.
JULY 2004
  • July 7-11 6th Annual Chicken Run   To read more about this year's event CLICK HERE Email Tom Caudill
  • July 13-17 KatanaPlanet.com returns to Deals Gap for the 8th Bi-Annual KP Rally . We will be headquartered at Fontana Village. CLICK HERE for more.
  • July 24-25 Miatas at the Dragon VIII Yes, they are back and more than ever! CLICK HERE
  • July 30-Aug 1 Fairfax Harley Owners Group will be coming to the dragon. Bringing very large group from Northern Va and Washington DC. EMAIL for more info.
  • August 13-15, The Supermagna Meet 2004, will be held in Franklin NC. For more information CLICK HERE
  • August 21 SVT Cobra Mustang Club's Highspeed Motorcross at the Galaxy Speedway in Seymore, TN CLICK HERE for details
  • August 20-22 Third Annual Lexus Taming the Dragon Event.  The Southeast Lexus Enthusiasts are coming CLICK HERE for more
  • September 1-2 BMW Z3 / Z4 Homecoming - On the way to Greer SC to the BMW Homecoming a bunch of us ( about 40 ) will stop at the Dragon to do a couple of runs.
  • September 3-5 Suzuki Volusia Riders - members of the VolusiaOwners.com group having their 2nd Annual Maggie Valley Redneck Rally at host motel Applecover Inn. Look for us at the Tail. CLICK HERE
  • September 4-6 Hulsey's Angels Group Ride on the Dragon
  • September 10-12 Rotary Engine Tail of the Dragon Challenge To see more details CLICK HERE
  • September 10-17 Homeland Sportbikes Return Thanks for all you do to help keep America safe. CLICK HERE for website
  • September 10-12 4th Annual DragonBall Run Honda S2000 return to the Dragon. For more info EMAIL Raul CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE
  • September 17-19  Busa Bash IIp:We figured we might as well bring our 1300s up there while the other 1300s were in town ;-) CLICK HERE
  • September 18-20 FJR 1300 Eastern Owners Meeting Townsend, Tennessee. To read more CLICK HERE
  • September 24-26 Triumph Rat Raid ...return of the quilts, cogs, and sheep. If you ride a Triumph don't miss this fun week-end which has become an annual event on local roads. Headquarters at the Tapoco Lodge. CLICK HERE for more info CLICK HERE for last year's write-up.
  • October 1-3 Yamaha FJ Rally Based at the Tellico KOA CLICK HERE
  • October 9-10 Contour Enthusiasts Group (CEG) coming to drive the Dragon. We'll have a group of Contours and a few other vehicles. EMAIL Ross for details. CLICK HERE For more information
  • October 14-16 The Bama Mafia Dragon Run Part 3 CLICK HERE For more information
  • October 16-17 Team Interlude Prelude Car Club of Atlanta (with members all over the
    country).  Our GA chapter is coming to the Dragon. CLICK HERE for info
  • October 22 SVT Cobra Mustang Club's Highspeed Motorcross at the Galaxy Speedway in Seymore, TN CLICK HERE for details
  • October 23 SVT Cobra Mustang Club's 4th Annual Dragon Run CLICK HERE for details
  • November 19 Tail of the Dragon Meets the Knoxville Optimist Club Ron and Nancy will give a presentation to the Knoxville Optimists at their weekly meeting.