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Tail of theDragon

-Theworld famous piece of asphalt US

129with 318 curves in 11miles. Amust ride for all two-

lane enthusiasts. Be sure to stop at theBIGMETAL

DRAGON. A great photo op.

Moonshiner 28

- 103miles from theTail of theDragon to

Walhalla, SouthCarolina.Waterfalls,mountain lakes, his-

toric country towns and lots of curves. NC/GA/SC28.


- 36miles unspoiledmountain scenery

Robbinsville, NC toTellicoPlains, TN. TheMile-High

Legend is sure to please. Take a picnic.


- 38miles of challengingmountain

roads at LittleSwitzerland,NC.

BlueRidgeParkway (BRP)

- Scenic sweepers one after

the other on this one-of-a-kind 469-mileAppalachian

Mountain touringhighway.


- Perhaps one of themost challenging

rides east of theMississippi. Got to love those steep

switchbacks onTN116.

SixGap -

NorthGeorgiaUS 129 crossingBloodMountain,

GA180overWolfpenGap andGA348overHogpenGap

at 3,480 feet elevation. Visit


- 133miles inNorthGeorgia.

The Snake

-Once known asMotorcyclePlayground and

today as theStripedSnake at ShadyValleyTN.More

twisties to test your skills.


-US 58 in southernVirginia.


-Knownby locals asWarrior Road, SR

1310, US19/74 toFranklin27miles of fun and scenery.


-NC151 is one of theBRPs access roads near

Asheville offeringpure excitement with a drop from4,260

feet to2,600 in the first 4miles.

US 276

-Crosses theBRP and connectsUS19 andUS 64

with scenery and twisties for 30miles.


-Crosses theBRP and connectsUS19 andUS 64

with scenery and twisties for 35miles.

Hot SpringsNC

-Manygood roads includingNC209

known as TheRattler andNC63 overDoggettMountain.


-US 64 fromFairview toLake

Lure. 16miles of curves& scenery.Watch out for the first

corner eastbound fromFairview. Long straight andBAM.

NC281 -

FromNC107 toUS 64 near Cashiers. Recently

paved, little traffic and twisty for 25miles.

Road toNowhere –

Road fromBrysonCityNC toNo-

where. A scenic 6miles dead-end at the SmokyMountains.

Great SmokyMountains,NC/TN -

US 441 andTN73.

FoothillsParkway, TN -

FromUS 129 toUS321.

SuchesRun -

GA60 fromUS 19 toMorganton, 33miles.

WarwomanRoad -

OffGAMoonshiner 28. - The completewebsite for the number onemotorcycle/sports car road in the country. - 105miles of fun and sightseeing withwaterfalls,mountain views and shopping. - Themile-high scenic ride fromRob- binsvilleNorthCarolina toTellicoPlainsTennessee. -A great 73mile long figure eight loop in northGeorgiawithmountain scenery. Part of the 133 mile longGauntlet Run. - Think you’ve seen a switchback?Ride theTriangle and then you’ll know what a real one is. Not for the squeamish or new rider. -Great loop at LittleSwit- zerland on theBlueRidgeParkway. - 469 scenicmiles fromChero


keeNC to theShenandoahNational Park inVA.

And there aremany lesser known roads that connect all of

these roads. Take just about any access roadoff theBlue

RidgeParkway anddiscover something special.

Looking for dual sport or jeep adventures?There are hun-

dreds of miles of Forest Service gravel roads to explore

including theGravel Dragon (TathamGap), Little Snow-

bird/BeaverCreekRoad, NorthRiverRoad, CiticoCreek

Road,Waucheesi Bald, theOldWagonTrainRoad

(SanteetlahCreek), Bent Creek, YellowGapRoad, Parsons

Branch, Great SmokyMountainsNational ParkRoad,

HeintoogaRoad, and dozensmore.

Checkout all of our freemaps at

Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap is America’s favorite

two-lane tourist road. There’s no other road even

close tomatching the challenge of 318 curves in 11

miles of desolate SmokyMountain asphalt. But there

are other good roads to explore such

as the Cherohala Skyway, Moonshiner

28, Diamondback,

Blue Ridge

Parkway, Six Gap

and the Devils




Falls on




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"Life doesn't happen along the interstates. It's against

the law."WilliamLeastHeatMoon inBlueHighways

“Iwon’t really seeAmerica from the interstates, so I

have to get off.”WilliamLeast HeatMoon


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FugitiveDamTapoco, NorthCarolina